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10 Important Questions to Consider Before You Buy a Quilt

  1. Why are imported quilts so cheap, compared to locally handmade quilts?
  2. Locally handmade quilts are hand-quilted with fine, even stitches. Each quilt is individually designed and sewn. The patchwork pieces tend to be smaller than on mass-produced quilts. The appliqueing is done with greater precision. The quilting is more abundant than on those which are mass-produced. (Even the quilting on a machine-quilted piece is guided by a person and is not mass-produced.)

  3. What important qualities does a good quilt have?
  4. A high quality quilt:

    • Is quilted abundantly, evenly, and with small stitches
    • Lies flat, isn't crooked and doesn't have any puckers.
    • Has many patchwork pieces which are precisely pieced so that the pattern is clearly maintained.
    • Has applique stitches that are hidden and fine.
    • Has straight and tightly stitched binding on both front and back.
    • Has well-coordinated colors which are striking.

  5. What's the difference in a pieced quilt and an applique quilt?
  6. A pieced quilt is made up of many, many patchwork pieces which are stitched together to create the quilt top. On an applique quilt, fabric pieces are hand-stitched on to - "applied to" - the quilt top.

  7. Why is an applique quilt usually more expensive?
  8. Applique stitching is a very fine, hidden hemstitch, requiring a great deal of skill and care. The goal is to make the appliqued pieces appear to float on the quilt top. The amount of time involved in appliqueing is significant, compared to stitching together patchwork pieces.

  9. Are the quilting stitches on a quilt simply decorative?
  10. Quilting stitches are both decorative and functional. A quilt is a fabric sandwich of three layers: The back, the batting (or inner lining), and the top. Quilting stitches go through all three layers and hold them together. That prevents the batting from bunching, and creates the puffy designs that distinguish quilts.

  11. What's the difference in quality in a "sewing circle" quilt (or one made by a group) - and one made by a single quilter?
  12. Sewing circles, and those groups who make quilts for benefit auctions, do worthwhile projects. But the quilts these groups create may not have consistently high quality workmanship, because quilters of varying skills work sid-by-side on the same quilt. These are wonderful social occasions, but their finished products tend not to have even quilting stitches. By contrast, a quilt created by one person is likely to be covered with consistently fine quilting. If you get a bargain quilt, you probably have a quilt of lesser quality.

  13. Why are the quilt prices at The Old Country Store so low, even though our quilts are of superior quality?
  14. The Old Country Store was founded to support creative people. When a quilt is sold, we pass most of the money received on to the quilt maker.

  15. Can quilts from The Old Country Store be safely used, or should they be put on a bed just at special times for decorative purposes?
  16. Quilts from The Old Country Store are intended to be used as bedcovers, as wall-hangings, or in other decorative ways. They are made of good fabrics, and will last a lifetime if you take care of them.

  17. Can a quilt be washed?
  18. Quilts may be laundered, however spot-cleaning is the preferred treatment. If you choose to wash your quilt, please refer to the instructions on our Quilt Care Suggestion sheet, given with the purchase of any quilt.

  19. Are quilts available in all bed sizes at The Old Country Store? Do you make custom orders?
  20. Quilts at The Old Country Store are available in many sizes- king, queen, crib, double or full-size, twin or single. Wall quilts of all sizes are also for sale. On certain select quilts, if you do not find the exact size you want, The Old Country Store will custom-make the quilt in the size you need. This service is also available (in select quilts) for color preferences. You choose the size or colors, all with the help of our experienced staff, and we'll make a treasured heirloom, just for you!